Durá Tax&Legal offers comprehensive tax advice in national and international contexts


  • Tailored Tax Advise addressed to companies and individuals, related to their usual commercial transactions and daily issues, respectively.
  • Tax Optimization & Planning Strategies. Based on the complexity of complying with the overall tax obligations, it is key essential to identify the most tax friendly options which are available to the individuals or companies.
  • Tax Compliance. Our approach includes running a ‘tax check up’ on the business. This involves reviewing previous years tax returns with management and is aimed at identifying areas for potential tax savings, as well as complying with the regular tax returns faced by our clients.
  • Non-resident’s Tax Compliance. All related tax matters in relation to personal income tax of personnel relocated to Spain, income obtained in Spain (dividends, interest, royalties), as well as Spanish Permanent Establishments of foreign companies.
  • Corporate Structuring. Family business or crossborder acquisitions, disposals, mergers, use of Spanish holding companies, dividend, interest and royalty structures. Corporate structuring in the international environment can lead to reach a legal effective tax rate
  • Real Estate Tax Planning. Our firm addresses any question arising from real estate transactions helping the client in chosing the most benefitial alternative from the tax and legal standpoint.
  • Estate Planning. We are well placed to review a client’s asset base, personal circumstances and requirements for life. Together with clients, we work to develop a comprehensive plan, which empathises with their objectives and maximises tax mitigation opportunities.
  • Tax litigation. We assist and represent our clients before all Tax Administration proceedings (management, collection, etc) specially when dealing with tax audits or claims before Courts, if necessary.
  • VAT: Value Added Tax is one of the complex taxes imposed on business – so complex that many businesses inadvertently overpay or under pay. Our firm provides a cost effective VAT service, which includes: Assistance with VAT registration. Advice on VAT planning and administration. Help with completing VAT returns. Negotiating with Customs and Excise in disputes and representing you, when necessary.

International Tax

The business trend has lead to a smaller world in which the companies deliver their products and render their services in a worldwide basis. To this end, our firm since 1972 provides to companies and individuals the necessary tax and legal advisory with local attention and global capabilities.

Our role is to provide the legal tax planning tools in order to avoid being taxed in more than one jurisdiction. With careful and timely planning we can help our clients to avoid their earnings or profits being subject to double taxation. In particular through:

  • Tax treaty interpretation.
  • Inbound and outbound tax planning.
  • Expatriate and impatriate taxation.
  • Investment holding structures.

In order to provide a second to none international tax service, Durá Tax&Legal is member of the International Tax Specialist Group. Clients may benefit from quality, practical and highly experienced tax advice on worldwide basis.

Entertainers and Sportspersons

Durá Asesores is member of the International Tax Entertainment Group (ITEG), a lawyer / tax advisors specialized in professional advising to athletes and performing artists worldwide in order to avoid costly mistakes and maximize the opportunities.


We offer tailored legal and tax advice to athletes and performing artists, taking into account the potential contingencies arising from the provision of cross-border services, to both non-residents with performances in Spain, and Spaniards with performances in foreign countries.


The main tax and legal aspects cover by our services are, among others, the assistance in the choice of structure to be used, fulfilment of tax obligations, drafting of contracts, advice on the deduction of expenses related to the activity to European Union athletes and performing artists.