In Durá Tax&Legal we provide accounting and labour services to our clients


Company Maintenance. Once the legal entity has been set up, it is necessary to consider the burden of ongoing maintenance of the records to comply with all accounting and legal requirements. Here, our professionals can help clients with these time consuming and often worrying obligations, among them:

  1. Regular bookkeeping services. Monitoring of bookkeeping on the basis of documentation provided by the Company, as regards financial statements, balance sheet and VAT books register, by paying special attention to the Company closings.
  2. Deposit of the company Annual Accounts before the Spanish Mercantile Registry.
  3.  Legalisation of company Official Booksbefore the Spanish Mercantile Registry.


Providing a bespoke service, we tailor the payment of wages and salaries on a monthly basis to clients’ individual needs. Given details of the Company’s employees, the service is structured accordingly with relevant compliance matters dealt with alongside the provision of necessary documentation to employees, directors and bookkeepers. The three main areas of this field are:

• Labour Contracts

• Labour Advisory

• Salary and Social Security management